Did I mention these guys?

I think I did, yes I most definitely did, but none the less, if your looking for invisible braces such as Invisalign, then you definitely need to go visit Dental Perfection, they are the go to guys for Invisalign Braces Derby.


A friend of mine

Has been working endlessly on a new business venture, after many years in the SEO and marketing industry he has finally branched out from the corporate 9-5 to stand on he’s own two feet and go it alone. With a wealth of experience, knowledge and innovative ideas he really has set off in the right direction. And as a friend, it’s great to see. One of the core principles of he’s company is not to grow too big, to provide he’s customers with a great customer experience and to not have any conflicts off interest – so many SEO agencies take on clients from the same location and niche, so technically, competing against themselves and pocketing money from both clients. 3Sixty Search don’t do that. (The name of he’s company).

So it’s with this post, I would like to make a toast to my good friend and wish him the very best with he’s latest pursuit. For anyone reading this and happen to be looking for dental marketing or any online marketing take a visit of there site.


Best nights sleep. Ever.

No really. I’m blown away and the only way I can convey this is to go and quote one of my favourite Simpson characters, well, kind of quote. So to make a long story short, I went to a local shop and was astonished by the some of the prices of their mattress and really wasn’t that impressed with the quality, or the sales staff and their lack of ability to deliver a product in a reasonable time frame. So I hoped online and stumbled across a website called Mattress Empire. They have a couple of videos and images, nothing too much if I’m honest, but I decided to take a punt as their prices seem reasonable when comparing the mattress specifications; Well turns out my ‘punt’ was the best bit of luck I’ve had in sometime, I really can’t recommend these guys enough, fast delivery and a damn good quality mattress for a very good price. So don’t forget to head on over to their website to try and find yourself that perfect sleeping partner.


The sun is shining!

Just in time for the weekend and what will I be doing with myself? well, I’ll be getting out my legendary Webber BBQ and attempting a beer-can chicken. No, that’s not some stupid attempt at my attempting a Jamaican accent, it really is a beer can chicken. Half drank of course, and apparently with this inside of the Chicken whilst it cooks helps flavour as well as keep moist the chicken. Will keep you posted on how it goes! happy weekend everybody!


Coming thick and fast!

My posts that is, but this may be the last time I post today, until I go and bombard you again tomorrow! :D so I wanted to highlight a really cool dental practice I’ve recently been too, why I hear you ask… Well, because they’re a relatively new outfit and the more I learn about them the more I wish that there were more places like this in the world. I discovered them via a family member who happened to know the owners wife, so long story short I went in for a consultation – free I might add – just to find out what I could do about my wonky front teeth as I was refused as a child for dental treatment on the NHS (apparently they weren’t “that bad”, though my brother and sister both got braces of the NHS and didn’t have as bad a set of teeth as I did). Story of my life. Anyway. I’ve been fortunate enough to find myself in the situation where I can afford to now get my teeth sorted and after getting a few other quotes, I went with the first quote. Dental Perfection. And bottom line is, they are utter rock star’s there, from start to finish the service has been overwhelmingly satisfying and a true testament to the passion and quality of work from the owner. I really can’t recommend them enough, and if your looking to get your teeth aligned like I did, they have some cool clear braces (invisalign) - they’re based in Staffordshire (Burton to be exact), but I travelled over from Derby and they were just a short 15 minute commute right of the A38. Nice and easy. So again, if your looking for the perfect smile, look no further. OH yeah, almost forgot to link to them – Dental Perfection


Badabing Badaboom

Touch down. At least that’s what they would say on the other side of the pond. This side, I’ll stick to the general lingo ‘get in’. So yep, my first post. And about as structured as well, something that’s not very structured. But this is an inspirational post and one I was eager to throw up and shout at to the top of the mountain “we have lift off” – well, of a sort anyway. So if you happen to stumble across this site, please feel free to drop me a comment, ping me a message or just be a general nosey individual.